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Why you should leave your company’s data security to the professionals


“It’s challenging for organizations of any size handling sensitive data to get security done right,” contends Larry Keating, chief executive of NPC, a provider of managed endpoint solutions in Toronto. He says that while financial institutions, professionals (e.g. lawyers, accountants) and healthcare organizations top the list of users, manufacturing operations are increasingly turning to more comprehensive endpoint security services as a means to protect intellectual property.

“What’s really important for businesses to understand today is that when a laptop or tablet is stolen a whole bunch of things have to happen,” Mr. Keating says. “You need to know the level of security, if it’s properly patched and managed, the content on the device, the encryption used and what content was actually on the computer. That’s almost impossible for companies of any size to manage, let alone smaller organizations. Regardless of their size, everyone has the same level and responsibility to protect those endpoints.”

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