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Finally, a computer with everything the professional needs to be secure and productive.

Powerful Hardware
Data Protection
Secure Backup
Premium Support
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Partners with HP
Partners with HP
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Smarter Computing

Whether you are a sole proprietor or the leading organization in your field, making computers work securely, reliably and economically is now the job of a specialist.

Computers are more complex, more connected and more vulnerable than ever before. We rely on them to run our businesses, loading them with sensitive information. Unmanaged they quickly become a barrier to productivity, and a liability. Too often we've depended on a patchwork of software, hardware, scattered support, a few policies and good intentions. So NPC had a better idea.

A complete solution that takes the risk and hassle out of endpoint computing.

Everything in

NPC saves you time, improves productivity and lowers cost by providing laptops, desktops and tablets that include powerful data security, backup, and premium technical support services, all in a single monthly fee.

NPC DataGuard Laptop

Powerful & Reliable Hardware
Everything delivered to you on an HP laptop, desktop or tablet with NPC secured Windows OS and Office Suite

Security & Data Protection
Keep compliance simple and your information secure everywhere it goes

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery
Daily backup keeps your data safe and accessible whenever you need it

Premium 24/7/365 Support
It's our responsibility to keep you up and running, no matter what the situation
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There's an NPC DataGuard Pro model for every professional.

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"Knowing my information is secure means the world to me."

Jennifer Jacobs - Insurance Consultant & Owner, LTCI Consulting

"NPC secure productive computing empowers us to go further."

Albert Wong - President, AKW Global Enterprises

"Backed up and secure, NPC lets me do business anywhere with confidence."

Mike Tkaczuk - CEO, Serrano Imports